About Camp Sunshine

Children with cancer are normal children with special needs who want to participate fully in the everyday experiences of growing up. Camp Sunshine provides programs throughout the year to give children with cancer the opportunity to enjoy normal activities like swimming, horseback riding, arts and crafts, and making friends!

Camp Sunshine offers a variety of programs, which encompass the entire family - brothers, sisters and parents! A network of support is made up of other families experiencing the challenges of fighting cancer.

Often isolated from their peers due to their illness and the demands of treatment, the children who attend Camp Sunshine programs realize they are not alone in their struggle with cancer. They gain new strength and hope from others who have faced similar problems and the positive effects last far beyond the brief time spent at camp. We believe the friendships the children make through Camp Sunshine will give them encouragement and hope as they face the challenges of childhood cancer.

In addition to paid professional staff, Camp Sunshine has dedicated volunteers that help, as well as medical professionals who can administer medication and other types of treatment to children with cancer. All volunteers participate in an extensive application and training process and must pass a background check.

If you have specific questions about Camp Sunshine or the numerous programs offered, please call the office at 404-325-7979.


The lives of children with cancer will be restored and strengthened by the embrace of our Camp Sunshine community.

Camp Sunshine Mission Statement

Camp Sunshine enriches the lives of Georgia’s children with cancer and their families through recreational, educational and support programs.


  • A community of support for children & families
  • Trust & accountability
  • Inclusivity & respect
  • A nurturing, compassionate and safe environment
  • Fun

Guiding Principles 

Camp Sunshine is committed to:

  1. Providing opportunities for normal development for all children with cancer, throughout their journey.
  2. Promoting individual growth, self-confidence, and normal life experiences for children with cancer and their families.
  3. Bringing together those with similar experiences, to share those experiences and draw strength from one another amid that common understanding.


Camp Sunshine is an accredited camp of the American Camp Association.

Our American Camp Association accreditation is just one of many steps that we have taken to ensure that your child has a quality and safe camping experience.